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Information History


"If the Doctors and the electronic engineers worked together many lives would be saved"



These words by his electronics lecturer got stuck in the mind of the inventor. From that time on he started thinking how to create a machine to help people with medical problems. 

He first created a machine that people could stand on. Then he went on to create a small portable machine for the treatment of sinusitis with people reporting excellent results. This encouraged him to further develop his idea. He experimented on different frequencies to find the perfect one that would help the human body. With God’s help, after many years of trying and testing (on himself and his wife) he created a frequency that appeared to modulate the immune system.

The next step was to register the device with the FDA (under the TENS category) for the relief of pain. People could now use it for their aches and pains. 


While we were treating AIDS patients for their pains we realized that other symptoms were improving. Our very first AIDS patient had abysmal diarrhea that failed to subside with the use of any medication that she was given. After two days of treatment with Panag the diarrhea stopped completely.


This prompted us to take blood samples from several of our AIDS patients in order to observe the effects of the therapy more closely. The results showed a definite interaction of the therapy with the immune response of patients.


 The Panag group consists of numerous individuals that stem from the creator of the device to doctors who have used it for years.