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Information Results


The Panag Unit has achieved remarkable results during the performed trials. The most promising testimonials were documented by Dr. Makunga in Soweto (South Africa) with increasing lymphocites count from ranging from 50 to 100% and decreasing virus load over 400%.

All the clinical trials and doctor reports concluded positively about the Panag Device; the longer the treatment is taken the better the results are. The main reported conclusions are the following:



  • The device seems to work mainly on the immune system as seen clinically during treatments. Lymphocyte (CD3, CD4, CD8) and viral load counts show dramatic improvements as corroborated by figures in the protocol. Referring to tests that were recorded during treatment of endometriosis, dramatic change of IL 12 levels is further evidence that the device affects the immune system directly.
  • Its beneficial effects on pain and mobility, point to the fact that it works through prostaglandins and various other endomorphins too. 
  • The device’s fast and consistent action can be attributed to the fact that it is introduced directly into the body through the mouth (under the tongue) or alternatively the probes for the rectum and vagina could be used. This is unique as all other devices are always applied externally.
  • Over the years the device has been found to be safe with no side effects. It has been used even in children without any adverse observations. It has the advantages of being portable, painless to use and can treat several conditions related to the immune system simultaneously. 


To conclude all the reports strongly recommended the use of the Panag Multitherapy Unit as a treatment or a preventive measure to enhance the immune system.