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When I was diagnosed with cancer (non-hodgkin mantle cell lymphoma), I was more scared of chemotherapy and its side effects than the cancer itself. Fear of chemotherapy together with fear of losing my life, kept me away from chemotherapy until 21 September 2014 when I eventually gave in and decided that the only solution left was the route of chemotherapy. The side effects started kicking in a few days after I was out of hospital until I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Panag machine.

I spent some time researching on the machine and reading about the advantages that it would offer not only to cancer patients but to many other problems such as arthritis. When I was completely satisfied I decided to use the machine on my second chemotherapy on 1 October 2014. I would use the machine for an hour each day and as the days progressed I would see more changes occurring in my body and gradually I was gaining my energy back.

Today as I am writing this report, 58 days have passed since my decision to use the machine and I have not missed a single day.

The following points are some of the major changes that occurred in my body ever since using the machine:

  1.  The terrible headaches which were in my scalp especially during midnight have completely disappeared, while when I was using medication for it, they would just be reduced.
  2.  My weight has increased from 78.4 kg to 87.7 kg which is a surprise as many patients lose weight during chemotherapy.
  3.  Pins and needles in my hand and feet have completely been removed and I only experience a bit of numbness in my feet from time to time.
  4.  My appetite has improved immensely and I can eat anything I would like while many cancer patients are unable to eat while on chemotherapy and their taste buds are affected greatly.
  5. The energy and strength in my body has returned back to normal and I am able to carry on working and being active.
  6.  All my blood test results prove that there has been an overall improvement in my body and I have not missed a single session of chemotherapy because of low blood counts.

The above points go to say how satisfied I am of using this machine , what a great change it has made in my body and more importantly how easy it has made the chemotherapy process for me. I would like to recommend this machine not only to cancer patients on chemotherapy but fact to anyone who is suffering from a certain disorder.  

Ovarian Cancer

I purchased the PANAG MACHINE in OCTOBER, as an alternative treatment 

for my wife who has ovarian cancer.

She had stents placed in the kidneys and liver duct and due to warfarin the blood thinner encountered complications . She picked up a bug in hospital which later caused water to fill in the lungs and pressured the heart which led to her organs failure. Doctors report , Shes critical and she is in GODS HANDS.

Having no option, my last hope was to use the PANAG MACHINE and went ahead and connected to her body. machines were attached to the heart, liver and kidneys.

The machine together with the medical assistance, the next morning she was conscious .A few days later she was off the oxygen and the catheter and her organs began functioning on its own. She is discharged and recovering well. We are continuing to use the machine.

In my my opinion electrical impulse therapy together with chemical therapy can assist in the future of medicine. Importantly, saving lives and creating a better quality of life with less discomfort should be essential in this modern day treatment. 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Chronic Conditions: rheumatoid arthritis, (starting as juvenile arthritis), hyper parathyroidism.

Injury: multiple fractures of the talus leading into the subtalar joint. Possible fractures of calcaneous and maleolus. Periostial stripping on maleolus side. Multiple ligament tears. Nerve damage to the tarsal tunnel.

Complication: complex regional pain syndrome.

Medication: Calciferol, Caltrate D (for HPTH) Arava (for RA), Celebrex, Lyrica, Oxicontin, Trepelline, Vasomil (for injury)

Age: 37

As a result of my chronic conditions, I have experienced episodes of moderate to severe pain, most of my life.

I first started using the PANAG machine at my physio therapist approximately four months after the date of my injury (7 April 2014). After just one treatment, my general aches and pains were relieved for several hours. The PANAG rapidly became a regular feature of my physio therapy sessions.

I contacted Peter late in December 2014. Peter conducted a thorough assessment of my condition and noted several negative side effects the various medications were having, in particular on my heart, liver and kidney function.

Peter adjusted my PANAG machine specifically, in order to optimise the intended outcome and then monitored my progress on a weekly basis. Given the severity of my condition, Peter allowed me to use an additional machine (at no cost) so that I could experience relief more quickly and for a longer duration.

Within two weeks I was able to start walking short distances without my crutches. By 9 February 2015, I swam the Midmar Mile in 40 minutes. No small feat when one considers that I could barely manage four laps in twenty minutes two months earlier.

I hardly slept - I used to wake up frequently during the night, because of the constant pain I experienced. I now get a comfortable eight hours a night. This alone makes me feel healthier, happier and in less pain.

A month after using the PANAG almost daily, and I was able to start using the stationary bike at the gym on effort level 3 for an hour (18km).

The PANAG machine is the best investment I have ever made. I cannot give the machine any higher recommendation. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the care and professionalism of Peter.

Ulcerative Colitis

To Whom It May Concern

 I bought the Panag Multitherapy machine on the 21 st of January 2015
I am a 38 year lady which had no hope. I was on high doses of prednisone, asacol, continuous antibiotic, very weak. Every week on antibiotics with flu. I had no life only pain and doctors. My health condition was very bad.

  • Ulcerative colitis very active.
  • Severe Diarrhoea every half hour. I was using adult Diapers.
  • Mucus and blood in the stool.
  • Very irregular menses.
  • Bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • I never knew I had 4 types of worms living in me.
  • Immune system was very weak
  • Insomnia.
  •  I’m trying to conceive for 8 years.

  With the Panag Multitherapy Device, with Gods will today my condition on the 13 May 2015 is; I pass stool 2 times a day, no blood, very little mucus, my menses are regular, I have seen a lot of dead worms and I’m almost worm free, I sleep well, I’m more energetic and have lots of hope for a baby and a healthier life. My colitis is in remission.

As for Medication I’m no longer on prednisone or asacol. No Flues No Medication at all, I am now strong.

Ps "it’s all up to the individual I made it a priority to use the machine a lot to see result excellent result”

God bless Mr and Mrs Kalabakas I don’t know how to pay them back only with prayers and God to repay them as our creator can give what I can’t Amen.